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  • Drow

    [[File:552007 | class=media-item-align-center | drow_by_helmuttt-d3its65.jpg]] Commonly known as dark-elves. They are known to reside in the Underdark.

  • Underdark

    A subterranean region of the world - most famous for being populated by [[Drow | Drow]] h5. Locations of Note [[The Darklake | The Darklake]] [[Sloobludop | Sloobludop]] [[Velkynvelve | Velkynvelve]]

  • Deep Gnomes

    h3. Svirfneblin Deep gnomes, or svirfneblin, live far below the world's surface in twisted warrens and sculpted caverns. They survived by virtue of their self, cleverness, and tenacity. Very grey skin allows them to blend in with surrounding stonework. …

  • Itchy Pack Company

    The itchy pack company is owned by [[:itch | Itch]], a [[Deep Gnomes | deep gnome]]. It specialises in selling equipment packs to those lost in the depths of the [[Underdark | Underdark]]. Amongst the Deep Gnomes within the company are: * [[:itch | …

  • Kuo-Toa

    A degenerate fishlike humanoid race that once inhabited the shores and islands of the surface world. Their societies have a theocratic structure, meaning that they are ruled over by their archpriests. Any archpriest of a specific Kuo-Toa domain …

  • Jorlan Duskryn

    The scar faced [[Drow | Drow]] guard from [[Velkynvelve | Velkynvelve]]. [[Prisoners of the Drow | He was ambushed by the party]] and held captive as they attempted to make their escape. They later learnt however that [[Velkynvelve Prison Break | he …

  • Shoor Vandree

    The [[Drow | Drow]] lieutenant of [[Velkynvelve | Velkynvelve.]] Killed by the party during their [[Velkynvelve Prison Break | attempted escape of the outpost.]]

  • Itch

    Leader of the [[Itchy Pack Company | Itchy Pack Company]]. A spectacle wearing [[Deep Gnomes | Deep Gnomes]]. Purchased 4 mummified elf fingers from [[:aerleth | Aerleth Mistweaver]], for 5 silver pieces. A transaction for which he seemed most proud of …

  • Ditch

    An exceptionally dirty [[Deep Gnomes | Deep Gnome]] who keeps exceptionally bad hygiene. Member of the [[Itchy Pack Company | Itchy Pack Company]]

  • Kitch

    A [[Deep Gnomes | deep gnome]] and the most handsome of the [[Itchy Pack Company | Itchy Pack Company]] with an abnormally symmetrical face

  • Titch

    The runt of the [[Itchy Pack Company | Itchy Pack Company]]. Small even by [[Deep Gnomes | deep gnome]] standards

  • Ploopploopeen

    [[Kuo-Toa | Kuo-Toa]] Archpriest, ruler of [[Sloobludop | Sloobludop]] and worshipper of [[:blibdoolpoolp | Blibdoolpoolp]] (the Sea Mother). Father of rival archpriest Bloppblippodd.

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