Out of the Abyss

Into The Darkness

Session III

27th Day of Uktar 1489DR

The party narrowly managed to escape Velkynvelve, but not before setting the entire compound ablaze. However, Lady Ilvara was nowhere to be found before they made their escape.
Upon reaching the cavern floor of the Underdark, the party and their companions began an in depth discussion as to where they should head towards. It was ultimately decided that they would head towards the kuo-toa town of Sloobludop in order to acquire boats to cross the region know as Darklake.
Two days of travel have passed since the escape from Velkynvelve, during which time the group have noticed that they were being watched overnight by seemingly docile quaggoths. They were also ambushed by skeletons in a cavern filled with bones, bones which were being looted by a small group of bandits.
Now the party find themselves attempting to navigate the tunnels of the Underdark once more, foraging for food and water so that they may merely survive.



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