Out of the Abyss – Dark Sphere

Hey folks! This is work in progress but thought it could be a fun little resource for developing things story / canon wise! Still work in progress. Don’t know how much it will be used mind you. Each of your PCs has a character page (see the character tab to the left) which you can use to flesh out your character’s back story etc. And there is a Wiki for the campaign too!

If you need me to invite you in order for you to be able to sign up and me to give you control to the character page then let me know!

Otherwise you can check out the wiki which I’ll add to as you go through the campaign.

Adventure Log

  1. Prisoners of the Drow
  2. Velkynvelve Prison Break
  3. Into The Darkness
  4. Exhibition to Sloobludop

Out of the Abyss

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