Out of the Abyss

Velkynvelve Prison Break

Session II

Date: 27 Uktar 1489DR

After escaping their cell, the prisoners took the fight to the guards outside of it and managed to break into the initial watch-tower which had a direct view into their cell. After clearing the watch-tower of Drow they investigated the upstair floor to discover an armoury containing weapons and armour. Unfortunately however it did not contain the gear that had been confiscated from them upon their arrival.

Jorlan, the scar faced drow, requested that he be let go now that they had escaped their cell and revealed that he was planning to let them escape anyway in order to make his superior officer, Shoor, look incompetent in the eyes of Mistress Ilvara. The group however felt that it was safer to keep Jorlan close.

The group then devised a plan to await the upcoming guard changed and ambush the fresh set of guards. This went mostly quite smoothly aside from one managing to escape. Garth and Aerleth scouted up ahead to see if they may be able to steal food and provisions from the kitchen but quickly returned, believing the numbers to be too great to succeed undetected.

The group repeated the same plan as before except this time, with the knowledge of the escaped drow, the reinforcements were much more prepared and brought with them Shoor, the leading officer of the drow forces in Velkynvelve.

After an intense fight, Shoor was slain. The group plotted to repeat the exact same plan once more to eliminate the remaining forces of Velkynvelve before heading on their way to Sloobludop – where they might be able to find themselves a boat to cross The Darklake.

The final group of drow approached the watch-tower. They weren’t however without their own surprise. A priestess of Lolth



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