Out of the Abyss

Prisoners of the Drow

Session I

26 Uktar (The Rotting) 1489DR

Captured by the Drow! Cole, Garth, Tobias, Kvothe and Aerleth found themselves prisoner in a Drow Outpost in the depths of the Underdark – an outpost commanded by Mistress Ilvara of House Mizzrym.

Left with no beds or comforts, stripped of all but their undergarments and manacled. Along with their other bizarre fellow prisoners they were all quickly and frequently put to work on menial tasks. In fact the tasks were little more than an opportunity for the Drow to keep their slaves busy and show their dominance.

An initial attempt yielded little results though what it did earn the prisoners was a lack of food for the day.

As part of the groups tasks for the day, a couple of them were accompanied by Ront (an orc bully) and Eldeth Feldrun (a female shield dwarf) to rebuild a wall near a waterfall passing through the outpost – a wall that they had been attempting to build since their arrival. The problem of course that every time it neared completion, their Drow captors would knock it down and demand that they start again.

Ront’s attempts at contribution were below par and so Eldeth, in an attempt to be helpful what with her race’s affinity for stonework, began to make adjustments to his work. Ront quickly became angry and despite the group’s efforts to calm him he attempted to begin a rampage.

He was quickly subdued. In a show of dominance, the drow poisoned him with coated crossbow bolts leaving him defenceless, they bound him and threw him from the cliffs of the outpost into the net of webbing below. The group were made to watch as giant spiders tore him apart.

Overnight Cole and Garth both had peculiar dreams. Garth dreamed of the twisting caverns of the Underdark whilst pursuing his sister only to find the corpse of his mentor, his throat slit and the wounds infested with maggots. Cole also dreamed of the twisting caverns and dreamt that he became trapped within them. A familiar female voice offered words of encouragement before oily tentacles wrapped themselves around him dragging him into the darkness.

27 Uktar 1489DR

The group awoke and quickly began plotting their means of escape. Shuushar the Awakened a kuo toa, fellow prisoner and pacifist insisted in having no part in any violence that would ensue. Stool, the myconid sprout who shared the cell with the group (and allowed them all to communicate telepathically via his spores) befriended Garth an expressed his desire to return home to his family in the Neverlight Grove.

The group quickly came to a consensus that well timed unison could allow them to over-power their captors in order to make their getaway. As the scar faced drow entered the cell to deliver their daily meal of fungal broth, flanked by two of his Quaggoth bodyguards, the group leapt into action. They knocked the two Quaggoth out, restrained the scar faced Drow, picked him up and charged out of the door of the cell…



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